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Antique Kentucky Fishing Reels & Old Fly Reels

Pflueger, Hardy, Bogdan, Orvis, Leonard, Saracione, Vom Hofe fly fishing reels.

Also buying Kentucky style bait casting reels.

Please email me with your photos.






Kentucky Reel, NY Ball Handle Reel, English Brass Reel

Pflueger Hawkeye Fly Reel, Rare...H L Leonard Bi-Metal Fly Reel & Others

Some of my favorite fly reels. 

1874 Orvis Bass Size Fly Reel with S Curve Handle.

Rare Golden West Pflueger Fly Reel In The Original 2 Boxes.

Rare HL Leonard Bi-Metal Fly Reel.

Pflueger Hawkeye Fly Reel.


Rare...Golden West Pflueger Fly Reel + 2 Boxes

1874 Orvis Fly Reels with original Wood Box

Miniature Orvis 1874 Fly Reels Made by Tony Dillender


Rare B F Meek & Son's Louisville, Kentucky #3 Bait Casting Reel



Rare GW Gayle & Son Frankfort, Kentucky #3 Bait Casting Reel

Early 1900's



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