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Buying Kolibri Pistols. 

Buying Antique Miniature Revolvers!

Buying Tom Weston Miniature Guns.

I'm always looking for nice examples to add to my collection.

Most miniature pistols were made in Austria but many were also made in France, England, Germany, Belgian, Japan, Mexico and the USA.



Wanted: All types of miniature ammo.

Kolibri 2.7 mm, 2 mm rimfire,

and others.


German Miniature Revolver Pistols.

These little revolvers are double action.


Dated 1899 On The Presentaion Case.

This is a watch fob in the Original Fitted Case. 

The 2mm ammo is a Live Round With a Lead Ball.




Antique miniature Revolver Engraved plus original case.  It is a little larger compared to the others.

Group of  5 miniature


Revolver for the above red case.



Rare Blued Revolver.



Antique miniature engraved Belgium Revolvers.  These were used on watch fobs.  1 3/4" long.


A miniature German or Belgium 2-mm Pinfire Double Action 6 Shot Revolver. 1 5/8" Long.






"Le Petit Protector" Percussion Ring gun. 

Shoots the tiny lead balls. Very rare as it has only one barrel.  Made in France

Rare Belgium engraved

miniature percussion pistols.

Shoots a 2mm cap and ball.

Rare Belgium miniature pistol watch

fob key & knife.  Ivory handles.

Shoots a 2mm percussion cap.

Kolibri Pistols!

Introduced in 1914 by Franz Pfannl, an Austrian watchmaker.


Kolibri gun 2.7 mm!  Manufactured around 1914 in Austria by Franz Pfannl.  It is the smallest semiautomatic pistol ever manufactured.

Measures just under 3" long.





Kolibri in fitted case and original ladies purse.




Etched Kolibri Name Plates I Made.



Rare 3mm Kolibri Ammo Box and Ammo.



  Kolibri miniature pistol gun

Double barrel Kolibri

miniature gun.

Single barrel Kolibri

miniature pistol gun.



A Rare Kolibri #3 With Square Hammer

In The Original Box & 2mm Ammo Box.  1 5/8" long.

Tom Weston Miniature Guns, Mexico City Around the 1950's



Very Rare & Early Tom Weston Mexico City, Colt Walker 1847 Miniature Pistol! Marked "A Company 3". 

The frame and hammer have cased colors.  Very unusual.  Most are blued.

This will actually shoot a 12 calibre bullet.  1/4 Scale, 3 7/8" long!  Made in the 1950's.





Rare Tom Weston Mexico Miniature Sharps Pistols.




Tom Weston Miniature Rifle, Mexico City

Miniature Winchester 66 Rifle.  Made early 1950s.


Tom Weston Miniatures

BelMex, Colt 45, Japan Nambu




3 Very Nice Tom Weston Belmex

Miniature Guns.  3mm & 2mm

Tom Weston Mexico.  Colt 45

and Japan Nambu.   Miniature pistols.






A Rare Antique Miniature Pinfire Pistol Knife. 1 1/2" long, 2MM, Germany.

The walnut case appears to be original.  The scales are a beautiful light coral pearl.

This is the first antique miniature of this type I have seen.  Marked D.R.P. a on the barrel.

Larry Smith Miniature Pistols.  From Florida about 1970's



Miniature Frank Wesson Swivel Barrel gun with Automatic Pop Out Blade.  2mm Rimfire. 

Probably made by Gene Clark, famous Watchmaker & Gunsmith in Colorado.  2 1/2" long.



Larry H. Smith, Frank Wesson Swivel Barrel Miniature Pistol. Shoots 2mm Pinfire blanks.

The other I believe was made by Gene Clark, famous Watchmaker & Gunsmith in Colorado.  Just under 2 1/2" long.



Larry Smith Colt Patterson 2mm Pinfire.

Larry Smith Remington Elliot

Miniature gun.  2mm.



A Very Cool Miniature Replica Hopkins & Allen Parrot Beak Pistol.

1 3/4" long.  Probably An Early Larry Smith Miniature Gun.


Kolibri #3 2mm Rimfire Pistol. 

Miniature Flobert 2mm Rimfire Pistol.

Reportedly Made By Famous Watchmaker

Gene Clark.

Miniature Colt 1911 Pistol, Made by Alex Baez California. 

The Large Colt 1911 Pistol Dates to 1918, WW1. 



Made by Alex Baez.  Miniature Colt 1911 45 Pistol.  1 11/16" long!

The large pistol is an early 1911 Black Army Colt 45. WW1.



A Unique Miniature Colt 1911A1.  1 1/2" long.

Fully functional just like a real 1911.  Loads and ejects. Does not shoot. 

Hand made of Sterling and Stainless.



Austria Miniature Pinfire Guns.  Made from the early 1900's to the 1950's


Rare Pfannl Miniature Rifle with Rare Scroll Stock.  Made in Austria


German, Austrian & Japan Miniature Pinfire Rifles.

Rare Germany Miniature Rifle with Rare Scroll Stock.


            Japan Miniature Pinfire Rifle with Rare Bayonet

Rare Austria Miniature Rifle Made of

mostly Brass.  Others are steel.

Rare Germany Miniature Rifle

with Rare Scroll Stock on the right. Regular Austria Stock on

the left.  Both are Rare.



Rare Box For Austria Pinfire Rifle + Ammo Box





Austrian Pinfire pistols. Made around 1900.

The one on the right is one of the smallest

I've seen with a case.

Cased miniature Pinfire guns made in Austria.

Late 1800's.

Fisher Firesure & Dosick miniature guns

in original boxes. Made in USA


3 Cased Austria Miniature Pistols.



Rare H S Kolibri miniature gun.

Original Box. 

Miniart Thompson Submachine Gun Made in Russia.





Miniature Little 45, American Gun Mfg. Co.

Rare double set miniature pistols from

American gun Mfg. Co.,

consecutively numbered.






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