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Antique Miniature Knives

Many antique miniature knives were made in England and Germany.

I am buying English, Sheffield & German "Miniature Multiblade Knives"!


Many of these small knives were made as watch fobs worn on pocket watch chains.

The smallest knife here is 9/32'" long when closed.  Just over 1/4" long.


Tiny Miniature Knives.  The smallest here is 9/32" long closed.


Tiny antique miniature knife 5/16" long closed.

Made by Joseph Rodgers & Son's Sheffield, England






English Figural knife in the shape of an Ancient Dolphin.

An unusual smoking knife with Cheroot/Cigar cutter & match strike.

Made of Sterling Silver with an English Patent date of around 1875. 


 Miniature horseman's knives.  1 3/8" long.



Victorian Rifle Pencil Knife and

miniature Rifle Knife.

Made in England & Germany.

The Corkscrew is the smallest I have

ever seen! 13/16"


Nice Figural Cigar Cutters.  Violin, dolphin and Swords.  Miniature 8 blade + 2 tools.  1 5/8" long.


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Buying Marbles Safety Knives

Antique Pocket Knives


Unusual Knives

I love nice old knives made in the USA and England.




Large 1820's Sheffield Display Pruning Knife.  4 Oval Circles on the blade.

12 1/2" long closed.  Beautiful one piece stag scales. 





I made this Wood Box for the Large Display Knife.






Unwin & Rodgers Pistol Knife with Excellent Stagg Grips. 1850's Percussion.




Late 1800's Sheffield Presentation Fishing Knife with Weighing Scale, Horseman's Hoof Pick and Snuff Box Built into the Handle.


Rare Early Sheffield Fleam Farrier Veterinarian Knife.  1830's?  Offord on the blades.





Buying Marbles Safety knives

Sheffield Presentation

Horsemans Knife

J. Nore Paris, French Multi Blade Knife

With 18 Blades. One is Silver for fruit.




Rare, Keen Kutter Horseman knife


R. F. C British Royal Flying

Corps WW1 Horsemans Knife.

J W Gregory 49082 R .F. C. is

marked on the knife.



Rare Navy Rope Knife Marked WEXL U.S.A and Marked

A. S. & K.  I think this stands for American Shear & Knife Co.



Sheffield Wharncliffe multiblade knife

with silver fruit blade.

Rare Austria Strikefire Multiblade Knife.

The heavy backspring is used to strike 

flint to make a fire.

Joseph Allen Sheffield,

Sailor knife with percussion

pistol blade. 1800's



                          Quill Cutters  Fly Fishing Knives Early Remington Master Knife With Etch



Multi Blade English Knife.   I'm especially looking for knife pistols.   Large Sheffield Farrier Knife with Fleam Blade.



 Early Ivory French Eating Knife Set.  Beautifully Carved Ivory.



All photos are protected under copyright laws.
No reproduction without my permission.

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